Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crete on studytrip

As you saw earlier on my posts, I was in Crete last week for my job.
We where 17 travelagents arriving on the 27th september on this beautiful island.
The first 2 nights we stayed in Iberostar Mirabello close to Agios Nikolaos. For couples I really recommend taking a look at the following hotel : Aquila Elounda Village.

The coast on this side of the island (the east side ;-) ) is full of little bays and nice little villages along the mediterenean sea !
East Crete is much more dry than the west, but has lovely sceneries as well and offers nice possibilities for excursions. One of them is Spinalonga !

The "Lepra-island" is very small and a nice way to jump in to the history of Crete with all of his invasions and cults.

After spending a lovely time in Agios Nikolaos, we drove along the shore of to the centre of the island Chersonissos. This was really a disappointment...
The place to be for all the young & fun in the summer with pubs and bars all along the seaboulevard !! Though some nice hotels are nearby like the Creta Maris, the Candia Maris & Aquis Silva beach.

The other disappointment of the week was our visit to Knossos. If you allready saw some archeologic sites around the globe, please don't go to Knossos !! 
This is perfect for people who travel for the first time and want to discover something. Also, it's much smaller than I expected it to be !

Arriving on the westside of the island, the views started to change... Long sandy beaches, green hills, waterfalls and ancient cities ! What a nice place.
We didn't have the time to visit the famous Gorge of Samaria, but we did the Gorge of Myli, a smaller, less known gorge but still beautiful ! Prepare good shoes and lots of water for the walk...

Rethymno was originally a Venetian city with a great wall around it. Some parts are still there and the centre part of the city is very pittoresk ! Chania is similar to Rethymno and is definitely worth a visit or even a stay !!

Aquila Porto Rethymno, Aegean Pearl, Pilot Beach and Porto Platanias Beach, all hotels close to Rethymno and Chania and secure to have a great stay !!

The group of collegues who where there with me was fabulous and I want to thank them all for the lovely times spend together ! Next stop in 8 days.....

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